"Incipio Modo: Seedpod"
Directed by Vincent T Joachim & Sonny Santos
Client: City of Calgary & Incipio Modo
Length: 9:32 mins
Journey with 2 artists as they create a giant seedpod in the City of Calgary. See the behind the scenes creation from the beginning of the concept to the installation of the public art! 
Concept: A seed pod carried by the wind lands on the top of the hill of prairie winds park. Nestled into the heart of the hill, the seed will germinate and grow. The pod is a shelter to the seed of a native prairie wildflower. From anywhere in the park, the seed pod is invisible and may only be seen to those who trek to the top of the hill. A gravel path that winds around the hill leads to the pod, and from above, the silhouette of a seed pod and stem are drawn on the hill. The pod is a functional organic structure that serves as a gathering place where people can meet, sit in contemplation and relax. 
Artists: Danira Miralda Edward Beltran.
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